Mumm Champagne

When it comes to one of the names that immediately spring to mind when you mention champagne, Mumm must be one that many people think of.  After all, you can’t partner with Formula 1 racing and not end up with a drink that’s immediately linked to a glamorous life in the fast lane…

Logo of Mumm

But Mumm Champagne in so much more than an official sponsor to F1 – even if they do provide the bubbly that’s sprayed by the drivers lucky enough to make it onto the winner’s podium.

G.H. Mumm Champagne – Since 1827

The company was founded by the three Mumm brothers – Phillip, Gottleib and Jacobus, sons of a rich German family who made their money from the winemaking industry. After moving to Reims, and in partnership with one Friedrich Giesler, the champagne house was born.  But it wasn’t until one of their descendants, Georges Hermann Mumm, took over in 1853 that the house became known as G.H. Mumm Champagne.

By 1902, Mumm Champagne was the leader in its field, and in 1955 became truly global thanks to the Canadian group, Seagram.  1999 saw Seagram sell Mumm Champagne to American company, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst, before being purchased by the British drinks group, Allied Domecq.  It is now part of the giant drinks group – Pernod Ricard.

Mumm cellars in Reims

Mumm Champagne Offers

When searching for Mumm Champagne prices or special offers, there are many areas you can get some good deals.  These might include online, or even in local supermarkets and wine stores on occasion.  Of course, depending on your personal preference and taste, along with the occasion you’re purchasing your bubbly for, there are many different types of Mumm Champagne to choose from.

These include:

  • Mumm Cordon rouge
  • Mumm demi-sec
  • Mumm Rosé
  • Cuvee R Lalou
  • Mumm Cordon Rouge 1996
  • Mumm de Cramant
  • Mumm Grand Cru
  • Classic Mumm

The Best of the Champagne Crus

The vineyards of Mumm Champagne cover nearly 218 hectares in total.  Located in both Premier Cru and Grands Crus, G.H. Mumm Champagnes can be guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

Since 1870, the champagne house has had its own laboratory to ensure their understanding and expertise in the field remains constant and updated.  Georges Hermann Mumm’s mantra was ‘Only The Best,’ and this holds true to this day.  In fact, Mumm Champagne works closely with national scientific research bodies and the French meteo (weather and climate) to ensure the very best for each and every crop and bottle they produce.

It’s this detail to expertise and quality that allows Mumm Champagne to be continually a work in the making.  Proud of their innovation and quality, every year this champagne house strives to understand and improve their product just a little more.  And this makes opening every single bottle of Mumm Champagne a wonderful drinking experience.


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