This just popped up in a twitter exchange: why not gather people that would like to visit a Champagne estate, and ask twittering Champagne houses and producers.

The idea: We start from Paris, and visit different Champagne houses (of course, in the east of Paris, in the Champagne region), let’s say .. 5? We don’t know the date yet, we don’t know where we are going, we don’t know how the group will look like – but we are going.

Participants so far (leaving from Paris):

  1. (confirmed) > Paris, France
  2. (confirmed) > Paris, France
  3. (maybe) > Belgium
  4. (maybe) > Adelaide, South Australia
  5. (maybe) > Toronto, Canada
  6. who else?


Estates to visit:

  1.  > that would be Champagne Pétré ‏
  2. who else? Any other Champagne houses out there that want to be visited by a bunch of international, Champagne-loving, Paris based (or not) social media freaks?

Feel free to comment, this is an open project: If you want to join, either as an estate/producer/house or as a participant; let us know below!

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