Le Ponsardine

We love new products, and when it comes from one of the top names in champagne it makes it even more exciting.

Enter ‘La Ponsardine’ – the latest limited edition from Veuve Clicquot.

Containing a bottle of Cuvée Brut Yellow Label, the champagne is presented in what is literally a large sardine tin – complete with the key used to open the tin.

The set has been produced as a tribute to the history of the house of Veuve Clicquot – and the former husband of the woman (the widow Clicquot) who is known in the industry as ‘The Grande Dame of Champagne.’  Her marriage into the Ponsardin family, and the humorous coat of arms created for this very name, is the story behind this new limited edition boxed set.

Adding a‘t’ and ‘e’ to the name Ponsardin to make pon(t) sardin(e) – French for bridge and sardine – back in the year 1813 Nicolas Ponsardin chose to create a coat of arms for his family that included both a bridge and a sardine.

To the back of the ‘tin’ in which the champagne is presented is a brief history of the story.  We’re not sure how many of these are actually being produced – although we’d imagine it’s a run in the thousands, rather than the hundreds.

Here’s the video of this great packaging:

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