Produced from the extraordinary harvest of 2002, this Henri Giraud Champagne is composed of three quarters Pinot Noir and a quarter Chardonnay wine.

Aged in oak barrels from the Argonne Forest that are made from timbers selected by expert merrandier, Camille Gauthier; these individually numbered bottles are gilded with fine gold and sealed closed in the time-honoured clip and printed cork fashion.


But, more to the point – what does Henri Giraud Cuvée Argonne 2002 taste like?

On first glance the champagne is of a beautiful, orangey hue, with fine bubbles gently rising within.  It has a delightful vine and wood bouquet, and when tasted has the robust structure so typical of Pinot Noir.  The taste of apples mingles with nutty tones and shades of wood and vanilla, all delivered in a gentle, silky texture.

The Henri Giraud Cuvée Argonne 2002 Champagne is available to purchase at around €215 per bottle.


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