Welcome to Codorniu, Spain.  Today it must be sunny at their place  in the region of Catalonia. The sparkling wine from the area of Catalonia is known as “cava.” and very popular around the world.

Codorníu (Catalan pronunciation: [kuðurˈniw]) is the world’s largest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine. Codorniu produces his sparkling-wine with the traditional champagne method (méthode traditionelle), it was founded in Catalonia, Spain in 1551. This historical producer of sparkling wine dates back five centuries. It’s the combination of tradition and modernity which started in 1551. A document of that period mentions Jaume Codorníu and confirms that at that time he owned presses, barrels and casks. In 1659 Anna, the Codorníu’s eldest daughter, married Miquel Raventós. Anna was the last of the family dynasty to bear the Codorníu name – the heirs were called Raventós.

Today – Cadonriu produces 60 million bottles annually.

Here’s the Gate 1 of Caodunio you can find on Wikipedia. Thanks to LimoWreck

Gate 1 of Codorniu of the Spanish sparkling wine called

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  1. Jessica says:

    I’d say it depends on where it is made. Cava can be made in Catalunya or Spain (e.g. Cavas made in La Rioja) as long as they are made using the Traditional Method and can tferehore be classified as Denominacion de Origen Cava . True almost all are made in Catalunya but that doesn’t make all Cavas Catalan. If the question was where are the best Cavas made, without a doubt Catalan Cava

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