So, if there’s any invention of the 20th century that’s the epitome of convenience, mass marketing and embraced by people the world over, it must be that of the canned drink.

There’s probably not a person alive today who would bat an eyelid as someone pops the tab on such a drink; but perhaps they might if the drink contained within was genuine champagne.


But come on, are we really ready to see our favourite bubbly available in canned form?

Well, according to the company, Wine Barokes, perhaps we are.  It seems that the market for canned drinks is growing faster in Europe than in any other area of the world.  Whilst globally the market grew by 31 per cent between 1998 – 2010 (with an annual total of 269 billion cans), in Europe this rose by a massive 61 per cent.

And nestled confidently within this mass market is the consumer desire for canned wines.  Rising by between 10 to 15 per cent per year, rose and sparkling wines account for 60 per cent of this market share.

But champagne?  Are we really ready for that?  And what would be the consequences of containing our fizz within an aluminium drinks can?  Pulling the tab on one of those certainly won’t have the same ring to it as the classic ‘pop’ of a champagne cork.

And whilst Greg Stokes and Steve Barics of Wine Barokes are in talks with several European wine produces, the chances of champagne being sold in this manner in the near future are looking pretty slim.

Indeed, the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne), is quick to reassure that the specifications of producing and selling champagne is extremely specific.  And the industry is not ready to make the move to canned champagne products just yet.

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