While we’d prefer love over war we can’t escape last night’s “bottle service” buzz… As The Urban Daily recaps,…

Number 1: Da Brat
Da Brat, a So So Def rapper, was sent to prison for mollywopping a waitress. According to theurbandaily.com they had a verbal disagreement. According to eyewitnesses, Da Brat took the coward route and waited until the waitress had her back turned to go oops upside her head.

Number 2 Diddy
As Urbandaily reported:

This is one of the most famous bottle bashings in hip-hop history. Steve Stoute caught a champagne bottle to the dome for airing an unapproved scene of Diddy nailed to a cross in Nas’ “Hate Me Now” video. Puff initially signed off on being hammered to a cross, but after speaking with his pastor, he decided against it.

Think about it. I think that Diddy’s pastor used up a year’s worth of Hail Marys to get Jesus to forgive Diddy.

Number 3: Lil Mo
The Missy Elliott protegé and Fabolous partner in song got attacked with a bottle. After a San Fransisco concert in 2001 he was rushed to a hospital where she received 20 stitches.


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  1. Seergio says:

    I love prosecco (and it is only $6.99 for a btlote at Trader Joes’s)! I often have some left over and never know whether to drink it or throw it away because I always thought I couldn’t save it. Next time I will try this trick!

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