Basically you can drink Champagne in every restaurant, in every bar, in every club in Paris.. because it’s just that damn popular. There are many stores of course, but I may write about this another day.

Today it’s about champagne bars in Paris. Let’s have a look at those:

  • Of course: The Eiffel tower opened a Champagne bar, right at the top.  At 10 € you get a “coupe” on the tower. Fantastic.
  • The bar of the Dokhan Sofitel is basically the only real Champagne bar in Paris. In a “baroque” environment from the 17th century you enjoy your champagne. Sweet.
Champagne at Le Baron

Champagne at Le Baron

  • Another highlight would be the Bar Louis 25, on the Champs-Élysées: A lobby/lounge where tourists can taste different champagnes.
  • Bollinger actually opened a “degustation” spot in the basement of Paris’ famous Bon Marché. It’s a flagship store but at the same time a bar.
  • Also exists in New York, Paris now has one too: The Flûte bar at Rue de l’Etoile. This bar/lounge is hip and trendy. The range of different champagnes is great.
  • Another place to discover would be the Point Bulles, a “Restaurant à champagne”, situated between Saint-Germain-des-Près and the great Jardin du Luxembourg (a park). Oriental food and champagne makes the mix.

I have only been to the Eiffel tower one, but will certainly visit the other bars and restaurants. Again: As you basically drink champagne everywhere in Paris, the question would be if you actually need a Champagne bar in Paris. It’s like opening a Beer bar in Munich.

At Yelp you find some other Champagne bars.

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