When you think of the character of James Bond, then certain luxurious products automatically spring to mind.  So the pairing of Bollinger Champagne with the man with a license to kill is probably a match made in heaven.

Bollinger James Bond Edition

002 for 007 is a limited edition created by Bollinger to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bond…. James Bond, to hit the screen.  Containing a bottle of Bollinger La Grande Année 2002 inside a box in the shape of a firearm silencer, only 30,000 of these will be produced.

The box of the Bollinger 007 Bottle
The box itself requires a 3 digit code to open it (it’s easy to find), and the bottle of champagne has a specially designed label in black and white and sporting ‘007’ symbol with revolver that’s instantly recognisable throughout the world.  The colour scheme continues on the foil covering of the neck of the bottle, giving the whole package a unified and distinctly masculine feel.

Sources: carnetdebulles.blogspot.fr
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