Korbel Champagne

Korbel Champagne or, more accurately – Korbel California Champagne is rather a paradox when it comes to its name.  Because, as most champagne aficionados know, the only sparkling wines that are allowed to be called ‘champagne,’ are those produced in the Champagne region of France.

Champagne from California

And Korbel is 100 per cent produced in California, USA.  So how on earth can it carry the word champagne on its labels?

Well, currently this is due to the simple fact that it calls itself ‘California Champagne,’ and has successfully lobbied that as the business of Korbel California Champagne was begun under that very name, that it’s allowed to legitimately keep using it.  And so far they have been successful in their claim, although how long that might hold true in the future remains anyone’s guess.

Origins of Korbel Champagne Cellars

Korbel Champagne came into being in the year 1882 and was the brainchild of three Czechoslovakian brothers of the same name.  They fled the uncertainties of their homeland for the golden promise of America, where they first set up a manufacturing business, followed by a sawmill and, eventually, a full-blown lumber business.  But as this industry slowed, they eventually moved to farming their land, and soon vineyards became their crop of choice and winemaking one of their major industries

Following many ups and downs – not least the difficulties of the Prohibition in the 1920s – it was later generations of Korbels who eventually sold the winery in 1954.  A young wine maker by the name of Adolf Heck took the reins to continue the legacy that’s now known throughout the world.

Based in Guerneville, California, USA, the winery is known for its sparkling wines produced using the méthode champenoise, as well as the many different Korbel Champagne cocktails and cocktail recipes publicised as different ways in which to drink Korbel.

A Korbel Champagne to Suit all Palates

In exactly the same way as champagne is described, so is Korbel California Champagne.  So you can purchase Korbel Champagne Brut, Korbel Champagne Brut Rose, etc.  And, compared to French Champagne, Korbel Champagne prices are generally quite low.  For this very reason, many people might enjoy trying Korbel’s produce, as in the U.S, bottles of Korbel Champagne can be purchased from as little as $10 each.  However, better vintages might retail in the hundreds price range.


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