Champagne Offers

Getting the Best Deals on your Favourite Bubbly

Looking for good champagne deals is a combination of both perseverance and a healthy smattering of good luck.  Sure, you can always find offers on champagne in many local supermarkets around the world – and some of these are extremely good value – but very often you’ll find that these tend to be at the cheaper end of the champagne market.  Not to say that they aren’t good champagnes, but if you’re looking for the very best champagne – not the cheap champagne, then finding genuine offers can be somewhat more challenging.

So, if want to buy the very best champagne at the very best price, what options are open to you?  Well, in general, the following list is a good place to start:

  • Searching for champagne online
  • High end magazines, newspapers and journals running adverts for champagne deals
  • The champagne houses themselves sometimes run exclusive deals
  • Supermarkets, off-licences and grocery stores

Finding Champagne Online
There are very many websites that can help you look for cheap champagne or deals on champagne.  However, finding the very best quality champagne at a highly reduced price in this manner is not that likely a scenario.  Sure, you might find some kind of discounts, but don’t expect to find drastically reduced prices on a regular basis – although it does happen on occasion.

However, searching for champagne offers online does have one advantage – and that’s that you can take advantage of some of the shopping comparison sites.  There are many different ones of these, and although not infallible, if used wisely they can help you find the best prices on some of the more popular champagne brands.

Newspapers and Magazines
Sometimes you might find retailers or even the champagne houses themselves running advertising campaigns in the high end magazines.  These might occur when a house brings out a new line, limited edition or a release for a particular event.  These kind of champagne offers are often short-lived, so if you see one you’d do well to take advantage sooner rather than later.

Champagne Houses
‘If you’re looking for the very best champagne offers on high-end varieties, your best bet might well be to go to the champagne house direct.  This isn’t always guaranteed to work but, especially if you’re looking to purchase some really expensive champagne, going straight to the producer can sometimes provide you with the best deals.

Supermarkets etc.
As previously mentioned, if you’re looking to buy cheap or mid-range champagne then very often supermarkets, off-licenses and grocery stores can offer the very best deals.  This is simply because they buy in bulk, and because champagne isn’t a drink to be stored for a long period of time, the stores often need to sell large amounts if their sales haven’t been as good as anticipated.

This doesn’t mean that champagne offers are of lower quality – simply that they need to sell them off perhaps at close to or even at cost price (or lower), to ensure that they get at least some return on their investment.


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